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Find Me

Melissa Pouliot

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Find Me

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Detective Rhiannon McVee Crime Mystery #1

It is 1988 in Australia and people are missing. And when one goes missing, many more are lost.
In outback Queensland, quiet and reserved teenager Leesa Richards disappears silently from her bedroom into the fog early one morning. Then cowboy Toby White leaves his pregnant wife Alice in a cloud of dust and mystery, never to be seen again.
A world away, in the hustling inner city suburbs of Sydney, rebellious teenager Keely Johnson forms an elaborate plan to escape her boring suburban life and trade it for the excitement and glamour of the streets of Kings Cross.
The only child of southwest Queensland sheep pastoralists, Rhiannon McVee has her eyes firmly set on swapping her cowboy boots for police-issue brogues. But with her parents and the love of her life Mac pressuring her to stay close to home, will her quest to find the missing be over before it begins?
From the harsh isolated Australian outback to the dangerous underbelly of Kings Cross, Rhiannon learns the hard way that when so many slip through the cracks, finding them is never as easy as it seems. And that when you leave the people you love, you might lose them forever.

FIND ME, the Detective Rhiannon McVee Novel #1, is a mix of crime and a delicate touch of outback romance inspired by the author's own personal missing persons tragedy.

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